据sputniknews2020年3月13日援引Aviation Week报告透露,DARPA正在推进“空战演进” (ACE) 计划,开发新的智能算法,以提高喷气式战机短程自主作战能力,开展“模拟仿真环境”试验。报告提出“ACE将开发信任建模和测量方法,包括交叉核查比率,以验证飞行员自动化操作频率”。计划首份《技术领域(TA)3》开发合同额1060万美元,已授予洛马公司臭鼬工厂,其他技术领域包括旨在开发“局域自主作战”算法的TA1、“局域战行动中建立信任”算法的TA2,以及“将算法集成到全尺寸飞机”算法的TA4。DARPA于去年4月资助了“阿尔法狗战斗试验”(AlphaDogfight Trial)项目,旨在TA1研制阶段前通过虚拟竞赛测试人工智能算法。

DARPA to Develop Artificial Intelligence Technology to Automate Jet Dogfights

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is the arm of the US Department of Defense responsible for developing technologies for military use, is working to develop a new artificial intelligence (AI) program that would automate dogfighting, or battles between fighter aircraft at short ranges.

According to a report by Aviation Week, DARPA’s Air Combat Evolution (ACE) program will develop AI algorithms that automate such combat and even test them in “a modeling and simulation environment.”

The report also explains that dogfighting is not very difficult to automate. Rather, the challenge lies in getting the pilot to trust the automation.

“ACE will develop methods of modeling and measuring trust, including crosscheck ratio – essentially how often the pilot grabs the stick to counteract the automation,” the report explains.

The first contract to develop the technology, which is known as Technical Area (TA) 3 of the project and is worth $10.6 million, has been awarded to Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works division, which consists of a team of engineers and scientists working to “solve the most critical national security issues.”

The other technical areas of the project are TA1, the development of algorithms for “local combat autonomy”; TA2, which consists of “building trust in those local behaviors”; and TA4, which is “integrating those algorithms into full-scale aircraft,” Aviation Week reported. The contracts for those technical areas have yet to be awarded.

The report also notes that DARPA plans to award TA3 contracts to “two performers” but the TA2 and TA4 contracts to only one performer each.

DARPA has also sponsored the AlphaDogfight Trials in April, which are a virtual competition to test out AI algorithms before the TA1 development phase, Aviation Week explained. The trials will gather eight industry and academic teams to demonstrate their AI-based dogfighting systems.