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据janes网2020年5月27日报道,被BAE系统公司“快速实验室”(FAST Labs)采购一年来,无人水下潜航器 (UUV)专业化“浪潮”(Riptide)计划取得显著进展,尺寸更大,潜航更深,自主能力更强。

Riptide与小型无人潜航器联系更紧密,如美国海军和其他科研部门采购的微型潜航系统。该微型平台旨在研发可承载单个或两个有效载荷的UUV 能力。


BAE系统公司采购 Riptide 以来,对微型潜航系统提出几种升级改造方式。根据许多海军操作人员要求,配备了新的、噪音更低的发动机。


BAE Systems grows UUV capabilities

One year since its acquisition by BAE Systems FAST Labs, unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) specialist Riptide is expanding its portfolio, building UUVs that are larger, operate at greater depths, and increasingly autonomous, the company told Janes .

Riptide is more commonly associated with smaller UUVs, notably a Micro system that has been acquired by the US Navy (USN) and several research organisations. This focus was dictated by the company’s funding levels when it operated independently, said Jeff Smith, who founded Riptide and is now BAE Systems’ director of UUV systems.

BAE Systems has enhanced its unmanned underwater vehicle product offerings following its acquisition of FAST Labs.

BAE Systems has enhanced its unmanned underwater vehicle product offerings following its acquisition of FAST Labs.

The aim with the Micro platform was to develop a UUV capability that could house a single payload, or possibly two depending on their size, Smith said. As the company sold these systems, customer feedback suggested a need for larger systems, he added, with Riptide now working on a one-man portable (1MP) UUV and a 2MP variant.

The Micro system has been upgraded in several ways since Riptide became part of BAE Systems, Smith said. It now has a new, quieter motor, as required by many naval operators.

“We realised that we needed to do a lot in terms of design evolution to move toward much quieter vehicles for certain military applications, particularly for submarine missions,” he said.

The 2MP platform design is also being improved with a prototype completed. This upgrade work focused on the platform and its payloads, notably an effort “to field a very capable mine countermeasures mission payload”, he explained.







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