The Army’s research and development community is looking for contractor information in developing state-of-the-art cyber defenses that can improve decision-making across the battlefield.

In a notice posted online, the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Cyber, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) Center’s Space & Terrestrial Communications Directorate; Cybersecurity Defense Operations and Research (CDOR) Branch is looking for capabilities to support cyber operations and security in four areas:

  • Battlespace awareness. Providing friendly forces with better information to improve decision making to gain an advantage over the adversary. This can include combining intelligence related to threats, adversaries, technology and environment information.
  • Secure operating area. Tools to secure cyberspace operating areas and the commander’s assessment of operational risk as well as continuous hardening for a stronger cybersecurity posture.
  • Command and control. Tools to improve the cyber posture of forces to enable them to counter threats, manage risk and achieve objectives.
  • Defense. Tools for stronger cyber defense against adversary attempts to disable or disrupt operations.

The notice states that the period of performance will be 12 months with four- to 12-month option periods. Responses are due by Aug. 19.

The CDOR, formerly the Army Research Lab Sustaining Base Network Assurance Branch, addresses current cyberthreats by designing state-of-the-art cyber defense capabilities. CDOR guides cyber defense research and development by relying on raw data collected from real-world networks.